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Konstkollektivet (The Art Collective) is a podcast that contextualize themes in Lund konsthall’s exhibition program.

The podcast aims to promote a public conversation on contemporary art. The episode formats varies from interviews to reports, reviews and discussions.

The podcast is in Swedish and available on Lunds konsthall’s web page or where podcasts are. The music for Konstkollektivet  is made by Arvid Alfredsson Grahn.

Episode 1. With Imri Sandström

Konstkollektivet visits the artist Imri Sandström in her studio in Brösarp. The interview largely revolves around Sandström's dissertation in artistic research Across Unquiet Times: Writing Through the Histories and Languages of Västerbotten and New England.

Episode 2. "The Great Polar Bear Suffers Right Now: The Art of Depicting a Climate Disaster"

On what it means to try to make art about, and under the influence of, an ongoing climate disaster. A conversation with Amelie Björck about Andri Snær Magnason's book On time and water. Also including Jonas Gren reading from his collection of poems Antropocen from 2016.

Episode 3. Med Maria Lind

Maria Lind on her book Konstringar – Vad gör samtidskonsten? (Art waves: What does contemporary art do.)

Episode 4. Med Katarina Wadstein Macleod

A conversation with Katarina Wadstein Macleod, Professor of Art History, about her newly published book From Flux to Feast: International Art at Lunds konsthall 1965-1967, published by Lunds konsthall in collaboration with Södertörn University.
The book takes as its starting point four events between 1965 and 1967: a Fluxus evening in Lund (1965), the exhibition Le merveilleux moderne. The Wonderful Modern. The Wonderful Today (1965), three Fluxus evenings in Lund organised by BEN (Paul-Armand Gette, 1967) and the exhibition Superlund (1967), curated by the art critic Pierre Restany.

Episode 5. With Mariana Manner

A conversation with artist Mariana Manner about her work, her long-standing collaboration with the architect Bernt Nyberg and the public work the two developed for the Cathedral School in Lund in 1969. A project that was never realised, but is now being planned for Kunskapsparken in the Brunnshög district in Lund.

Episode 6. On Doucumenta

A brief background to the prestigious giant art event is given in the programme, which otherwise consists of interviews with some of the Lumbung-participants. Contributors: Ralph L. Rumbles from Salikhain kolektib, Nao Maltese and Marlène Halguevache from El Warscha, Carlota Mir and Sara Alberani from Trampolinhuset.